“Never Waste a Good Crisis” and How to Use it for Success Learning

Over the years I have come to believe that Winston Churchill was completely correct. There is an opportunity and purpose in every crisis. Whether the crisis is for each of us or for all of us, our task is to find the opportunity and use it to build the purpose and learn how to get better.

Just possibly, that the purpose of this global Covid-19 Pandemic and the social, economic and health crisis is to stop us just long enough to have us really look at who we are and what we have chosen and rebuild to a better design.

I believe, conscious aware choices create much different lives, businesses and world than unconscious reactive choices. Many of us have been unconscious and reactive in our lives and world for way too long and each of us pay the price. This Pandemic is our opportunity to become more self and situation aware and maybe wake up and choose different outcomes.

When I was eighteen, I was confronted with a personal health crisis, a raging bleeding ulcerated colon. My doctor said, “Gee Brad, if you had waited 6 weeks to come see me you would have bled to death.” He wanted my attention, and he had it. The he said, “You will never eat strawberries, corn or lettuce or roughage ever again in your life.” And then he gave me my clue that changed my life. “You have a psychosomatic disease; your emotions affect the severity of your symptoms.”

I liked strawberries a lot. In that moment, I committed myself to studying my emotions and discover which were causing my bleeding. Then make different choices and rewire them. It took me several years, but with changes in my diet and my emotions at a deep level, I mastered my disease. I had to become self-aware and discover the cause-effect connection between my historical emotional decisions and my created bleeding and pain. Now I look at all of my life and the world in this connected cause-effect way.

So far, I have found no outcome or situation in this world for myself, my clients or our countries that aren’t run by this. If you take a major corporate bankruptcy or economic recession and go back two or three years, you will find the perspectives, decisions and actions that caused the failure. Successes, happen in about the same time. If you want success and don’t have it by your definition … yet, look first at your situation, actions, and outcomes, and then look inside at your perspectives and find how you cause your situation.

We are getting back to life after the Covid-19 shutdown, look at your business, your life, and your communities and use this crisis to learn the skills required for constant cause-effect review for accelerating your success in business, health and community. The clues are all around us all the time. Will you commit to discovering how you can be more and choose to be aware and understand how to be more successful?   The first thing I take my clients through is situational review to understand the cause-effect processes that are present and pervasive and how to rebuild for continual accelerated growth. Call me and I will take you through that for free.