Brad Smith

Founder of Stellar Insight and CEO Coach

Stellar Insight founder, Brad Smith has spent over 20 years helping companies pursue growth and excellence through coaching, consulting, facilitation, and strategic planning.

Brad’s Philosophy for Helping Organizations Achieve their Goals Sooner

Brad is a driven learner. He has found that goal achievement depends on a whole system process and takes an analytical approach to accelerate business growth.

He seeks out the goals of potential clients and thoroughly examines their ambitions, limitations for growth, and past goal achievement. He also works to discover the processes already in place and the effectiveness and limitations of those existing processes.

Role as a CEO and Executive Team Coach

Strategic planning consulting, retreat facilitation and implementation coaching.
Coaching for CEOs, executive teams, and executives to develop and optimize their goal achievement.
Coaching clients to greater change, motivation, management, leadership, and insight skills.
Group coaching and training for intrapersonal and interpersonal communication strategic insight, innovation, and effectiveness skills.

How Stellar Insight Can Help Your Organization

Strategic Planning
CEO & Executive Team Coaching
Or a combination of all three.

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CEO Coaching Deliverables

CEO & Executive Team Alignment and Focus

Strategic Plan for Revenue and Net Profit Growth

Hiring Redesign for Effectiveness

Culture Redesign for Maximizing Results

Market Alignment Analysis

Strategic Planning for Tactical Implementation

Keep Focused, Effective and Accountable